Broken bones and other unlucky breaks

2014 has been a little hairy. I started it in a boot due to a tendon injury and severe swelling in my ankle. From there, I started physical therapy while still taking time off running. But just when things were coming together, I had an unlucky fall on my bike that broke my thumb/wrist and landed me on my couch for several weeks, while I refreshed the results pages of the races I should have been racing.

Needless to say, I've been laying low. The good news is that (specific injuries aside), I'm healthier and better rested than I've ever been. I have also been on the bike the entire way through, and have put in extra volume and strength work as a result. Big things are within grasp on the bike this year. The bad news is that it will be another two months before swimming and running are fully online again, and so it will be a short and crazy season once it takes off.

In the meantime, I am pushing my limits again in training and am excited to get back in the thick of things!