Yale - Harvard - Princeton XC

The historic "H-Y-P" rivalry was rekindled today. Despite – or maybe because of – being a few years out of college, this excites me. It apparently came after, as coach Shoehalter put it, "a long philosophical discussion with the two Princeton coaches about the importance and tradition of the meet." It's a firm nod toward the notion that running is also about community, not just national rankings.

The Yale alumni community was well represented today at the Yale golf course. My roommate and I helped kick things off with the 5k alumni run. Besides the two of us, about ten alums across all generations ran. Even more joined for an event afterwards.

On the varsity side, the men trounced Harvard and were one point away from beating nationally-ranked Princeton. Yale's Kira Garry won the women's race, leading the team to second as well. Things are looking up.

With the H-Y-P event back and the teams making moves, I can't wait to see what this community can evolve into with a little alumni support!