2014 in Review

Happy New Year! 2014 was a slow and relatively uneventful year of racing for me (which may explain my long silences!). But the silver linings are encouraging.

The first hurdle came in January. After a month of ankle issues, the doctor put me in a boot for almost a month to heal a tendon. This ended up being a bad idea, because fully recovering from a month in a boot took until mid-summer. And the rest didn't appear to have a lasting effect on my tendon, anyway.

The second hurdle was in late March. It started raining on an uneventful long bike ride, and I hit a nasty patch of sand and went down. Despite it being a very mild fall, my wrist broke, and I spent the next 6-8 weeks in a cast, and two months afterwards regaining strength. When August hit, I was mostly healed, but still very cautious, and very out of shape.

With little endurance base, my coach and I did a hail-mary strength/speed program to get what I could out of the remaining season. The first two races were shaky, and I took second in both because my legs were still on vacation. But I finally nailed a race at Hammerfest, crushing my previous course-record times from previous years from when I was in much better shape. In all of this, I think I've found a way to tone down the endurance work in my training plan and still race fast.

In 2015, my goals remain largely the same as they were when 2014 began, and with more of a focus on non-draft-legal races. I am also anxiously awaiting my new (and first) TT bike that Zane's is building for me as I type! It should be a very fast year.

 A sneak peak of my new bike – coming soon in 2015!

A sneak peak of my new bike – coming soon in 2015!