UPDATE:  The Hammerfest pledge period has now closed. Thank you to everyone who pledged money to Brian's Hope over the past two weeks, and the even more of you who showed great enthusiasm and support for the cause. David Demres took the win in a tough battle, coming first out of the water and posting the fastest run time, but David Ellis was close behind in second after a killer bike split and strong all-around performance. Look out for more upcoming local events soon!


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Pledge to Brian's Hope

Dave Ellis, the 2012 champion of the Hammerfest Triathlon, thinks he has this year's race in the bag on September 15. As the 2011 champion, I think he's got another think coming. To heighten the deal, we've put $20 on the line – in the form of a donation to Brian's Hope, the organizers of Hammerfest and charity dedicated to stopping the progression of ALD.

Who is your bet on? Pledge to back Dave Ellis or Dave Demres, that if one of us wins the overall race, you'll donate to this great cause. We don't ask for much: just $5 or more to put your skin in the game.

Here's how it works: If Dave Ellis wins, his backers will donate to Brian's Hope. If Dave Demres wins, his backers donate to Brian's Hope. It's that simple. Since this is a pledge, and not an automatic donation, we won't ask for a donation unless your guy pulls off the win. And of course, if you would like to pledge for someone besides one of us to win, feel free to do so. Either way, please pledge and come out to Hammerfest, one of the greatest triathlons in CT, to cheer your head off for your athlete!

Click here to complete the form to pledge your donation. If your athlete wins, we will e-mail you the link to complete your donation to Brian's Hope.

Check out how much has been pledged so far:

Dave Ellis

Total Backers: 18



  • Rock on, Dave! 
  • Repeat domination for Dave Ellis! 
  • Go get it, Dave!! 
  • The Iron Man will win

Dave Demres

Total Backers: 14



  • Great cause. Race hard. 
  • You've got it this year for sure! 
  • See you at the finish line!
  • Swim, Bike, Run like you can! 
  • Go David! I know you got this in the bag! 
  • You got this David!